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Amy 1075

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Amy (Pin 1075)

Hi guys I'm Amy, I'm a 40+ brunette, I have long hair and blue eyes. I love sunbathing at the beach, listening to a good book.

Natalie 1234

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Natalie (Pin 1234)

Hello gents, my name is Natalie, I am blonde, 29 years old and love socialising, going to the gym, cinema. Lets chat.

Bianca 6947

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Bianca (Pin 6947)

Hi my name is Bianca. I am 5 FT 4 " tall with long dark hair and blue/green eyes. I am 35 years young and love to chat.

Alexis 7099

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Alexis (Pin 7099)

Hi there guys, my name is Alexis. I am 21 years of age and a petite figure. I have waist length blonde and piercing blue eyes. I enjoy working out

Alexa 7151

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Alexa (Pin 7151)

Hi Alexa here. I’m 5ft10” in heels with golden brown shoulder length hair and dark smouldering eyes. I have full luscious lips and 38DD b

JJ 1673

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JJ (Pin 1673)

Hi guys! My name is JJ; I'm a young at heart, 5ft 6", 40+ with long blond hair. So don't be shy press my PIN now on 1673.

Annalise 7016

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Annalise (Pin 7016)

Hi guys, my name is Annalise I am 24 years old, 5 FT 1" tall and very petite. I have blue eyes with blonde/brown hair.

Shannon 1619

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Shannon (Pin 1619)

My name is Shannon. I am a more mature lady. I have dark brunette hair and big brown eyes. I would love to chat with you today.

Cat 1057

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Cat (Pin 1057)

Hi, my name is Cat, I am a 30 something year old brunette. I love to chat and would love to chat to you today.

Kk 6203

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Kk (Pin 6203)

Hi I'm KK. I'm a petite, bubbly, blue eyed blonde. So why don't you give me a call. My number is 6203.

Sugar Maria 7084

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Sugar Maria (Pin 7084)

Hi my name is Maria and I am 46 years old. I am a brunette with brown eyes and curvy. I love to socialise with friends and love to chat.

Jackie 7097

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Jackie (Pin 7097)

Hi. Hello. I’m Jackie. I’ve been looking forward to having a chat with you. I am 5ft 9” in height, I’m a dress size 12, my

Sapphire 7196

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Sapphire (Pin 7196)

Hi my name is Sapphire, I am a petite brunette, who loves socialising, dancing, health and fitness. Give me a call today.

Candy 1033

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Candy (Pin 1033)

Hay guys my name is Candy and I'm 35 years old. I'm a curvy exotic mix of Latina and black.

Nicola 7195

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Nicola (Pin 7195)

Hello there, my name is Nichola, i am 30 years old, natural red-head, i love to chat and get to know people so give me a call today.

Julie 7194

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Julie (Pin 7194)

Hi guys, my name is Julie. I am a mature granny from Ireland. I am blonde and in my 50's. I love chatting and would love to chat today.

Taniya 7179


Taniya (Pin 7179)

Hi my name is Taniya, I am in my early 30's with brunette hair and blue eyes. I love country walks and yoga. Give me a call for a chat today.

Debbie 1041


Debbie (Pin 1041)

Hi, I'm in my mid 40's, my name is Debbie, my very petite with long blonde hair and blue eyes. Give me a call today, on agent number 1041.

Carmen 1087


Carmen (Pin 1087)

Hi, I'm Carmen, with long brunette hair and hazel eyes. I'm looking for some fun chat with you so call me on 1087.

Suzie 7056


Suzie (Pin 7056)

Hi I'm Suzie.

Sassy Scarlet 7248


Sassy Scarlet (Pin 7248)

Hello gents, my name is Scarlet, I am a petite 22 year old. I have long black hair and blue eyes. I am only 5ft 2inches tall but with a big personali

Aries 7079


Aries (Pin 7079)

Hi my name is Aries, I am 35 years old with dark hair and dark eyes. I am a tall lady at 5 FT 9" and quite athletic and enjoy keeping fit.

Sandra 1086


Sandra (Pin 1086)

Hi guys my name is Sandra, I’m fun loving and I’m really into music, you can ask me anything, I love all kinds of music.

Misty 1381


Misty (Pin 1381)

Hello gents, my name is Misty. I am 37 years old and a secretary, I love to go to yoga and salsa dancing. Feel free to give me a call.

Louise 1045


Louise (Pin 1045)

Hi my name is Louise and I am 30 years old. I have long blonde curly and quite petite.

Rose 7294


Rose (Pin 7294)

Hi my name is Rose, 7294. I like keeping fit and swimming. I would love to speak with you guys.

Lisa 7118


Lisa (Pin 7118)

Hi my name is Lisa and I am a very petite lady and 5ft 3 inches tall. I love yoga and swimming and chatting, give me a call.

Sheri 7007


Sheri (Pin 7007)

Hello gents. My name is Sheri, I am in my 50's, I have red hair and brown eyes. I love reading, movies and country walks.

Taylor 1067


Taylor (Pin 1067)

Hi my name is Taylor and I am in my late 20's. I am a natural blonde with blue eyes. I would like to chat to you today.

Brandy 6444


Brandy (Pin 6444)

Hi my names Brandy. I'm a bubbly brunette with lots to talk about. I have long, dark brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5ft 7" and of a slim build. I wou