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Alexa 7151

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Alexa (Pin 7151)

Hi Alexa here. I’m 5ft10” in heels with golden brown shoulder length hair and dark smouldering eyes. I have full luscious lips and 38DD b

Lilly 7104

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Lilly (Pin 7104)

Hi guys, my name is Lilly. I have shoulder length hair, with big brown eyes. I love the finer things in life, I love to go to restaurants, the cinem

Katherine 1048

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Katherine (Pin 1048)

Hello, my names Katherine but all my friends call me Kitty. I'm 25, I'm 5 ft 3" tall with long dark hair and green eyes. Why not give me a call.

Sara-Jane 7277

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Sara-Jane (Pin 7277)

Hi my name is Sarh-Jane. I love to chat and make new friends, would you like to chat today?

Tina 1558

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Tina (Pin 1558)

Hi to the boys out there, my name is Tina, I’m 5ft 6” tall, size 16 dress. I am a very chatty out going girl, I would like to chat to you

Suzie 1975

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Suzie (Pin 1975)

Hi boys, my names Suzie. I'm 5ft 6" with long blonde hair. My measurements are 36-24-36. I like wearing designer clothes and shoes. My agent number is

Sugar Maria 7084

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Sugar Maria (Pin 7084)

Hi my name is Maria and I am 46 years old. I am a brunette with brown eyes and curvy. I love to socialise with friends and love to chat.

Leila 7216

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Leila (Pin 7216)

Hi my name is Leila, I am a curvy size 16, long brown hair and brown eyes and in my 30's.

Trixie Blue 1842

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Trixie Blue (Pin 1842)

Trixie Blue here. I’m a very open minded, slim brunette. I love to chat about anything and everything. So come and have a chat with a more matu

Lexi 7173

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Lexi (Pin 7173)

Hi my names Lexi. I’m 25 with long dark brown hair and blues eyes. I have loads of special interests I’m really looking forward to talki

Anna 7052

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Anna (Pin 7052)

Hi guys I'm Anna. If your looking for someone sultry with big boobs then give me a call. Look forward to it.

Jo 1017

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Jo (Pin 1017)

Hi my name is Jo. I am 30 years old and 5 FT 6" tall. I have long dark hair and brown eyes and like to keep fit.

Rebecca 1078

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Rebecca (Pin 1078)

Hello my name is Rebecca. I'm in my 30's and I'm a natural blonde that just loves to chat. If you would like to know more about me then come and chat

Rochelle 1068

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Rochelle (Pin 1068)

Hi my name is Rochelle. I have long dark wavy hair and green eyes. I am in to fitness, dancing and socialising, call me.

Linda 7077

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Linda (Pin 7077)

Hi, my names Linda. I’m 25 and live in Leeds. I’m 5ft 8” with long dark hair and green eyes. I am fit and do a lot of exercise. I

Kerry 1511

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Kerry (Pin 1511)

Hi I’m Kerry. I’m in my 30s and have long blonde hair and big blue eyes. So if you fancy a chat and want to find out more about me, my a

Lucy 1878

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Lucy (Pin 1878)

Hi guys, your through to Lucy. I’m 34 years old. I have blonde hair, blue eyes, a size 10 and I’m 5ft4”.

Gemini 1014

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Gemini (Pin 1014)

Hi my name is Gemini. I am in my 30's with long dark hair and green eyes. I enjoy keeping fit, swimming and yoga.

Karen 7201

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Karen (Pin 7201)

Hi, my names Karen. I’m a mature housewife. I’m blonde and bubbly who loves to go out and have fun. I love dressing up in fancy outfits.

Felicity 1031

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Felicity (Pin 1031)

Hi guys, my name is Felicity. I have blonde hair and dark brown eyes and 31 years old, call me.

Christina 7022

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Christina (Pin 7022)

I am a mixed race lady in my 20's with beautiful brown eyes. If you want someone to talk to about your day or then I am here for you.

Chelsea 7203

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Chelsea (Pin 7203)

Hi I’m Chelsea, I’m a brunette. Slim but curvy. Give me a call.

Charlotte 1830

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Charlotte (Pin 1830)

Hi there, My name is Charlotte, my friends call me Charlie. I am in my 30's, brown hair and green eyes.

Julie 7194

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Julie (Pin 7194)

Hi guys, my name is Julie. I am a mature granny from Ireland. I am blonde and in my 50's. I love chatting and would love to chat today.

Laura 7106

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Laura (Pin 7106)

Hello it's Laura here, my agent number 7106. I am 19 years old with long dark hair, brown eyes and a petite at 5 FT 4". I love to dance and party wi

JJ 1673

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JJ (Pin 1673)

Hi guys! My name is JJ; I'm a young at heart, 5ft 6", 40+ with long blond hair. So don't be shy press my PIN now on 1673.

Scarlett 1937

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Scarlett (Pin 1937)

Hi there my name is Scarlett. I currently work in a bar, I love socialising and going to the gym in my spare time. give me a call.

Sadie 6270

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Sadie (Pin 6270)

Hi there. My name is Sadie. I'm a petite 48 year old lady. I'm 5ft 2" with long dark hair and hazel eyes. I would love someone to talk to. Call me now

Sammy  1746

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Sammy (Pin 1746)

Hi guys its Sammy, I’m 32 with long dark hair, and brown eyes.

Chrissie 7105

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Chrissie (Pin 7105)

Hi my name is Chrissie. I have lovely long dark hair and in my 30's. I have blue eyes and a petite figure.