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Emma 7293

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Emma (Pin 7293)

Hello my name is Emma and I'm a petite 19 year old, who loves chatting, I have a bubbly personality so give me a call for a chat.

JJ 1673

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JJ (Pin 1673)

Hi guys! My name is JJ; I'm a young at heart, 5ft 6", 40+ with long blond hair. So don't be shy press my PIN now on 1673.

Erica 3834

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Erica (Pin 3834)

Hi guys my names Erica. I have long blonde hair and big blue eyes. I love to party with my friends. Give me a call on 3834.

Susie 2391

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Susie (Pin 2391)

Hi there, my name is Susie. I've got long red hair, green eyes and I am curvy. If you fancy a chat about anything and everything, then give me a call

Becky 1753

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Becky (Pin 1753)

Hi boys this is Becky. I'm just dying to hear all about you. I'm 36 years old, brown hair and green eyes. Call me.

Cindy 1953

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Cindy (Pin 1953)

Hi my name is Cindy. I am 5ft”, lovely shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

Sacha 7271

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Sacha (Pin 7271)

Hello you’re talking to Sacha. I am brunette and I love to talk, I a very chatty lady, so why don't you give me a call.

Charlotte 1830

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Charlotte (Pin 1830)

Hi there, My name is Charlotte, my friends call me Charlie. I am in my 30's, brown hair and green eyes.

Alexis 7099

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Alexis (Pin 7099)

Hi there guys, my name is Alexis. I am 21 years of age and a petite figure. I have waist length blonde and piercing blue eyes. I enjoy working out

Scarlett 1016

On A Call

Scarlett (Pin 1016)

Hi I’m Scarlett agent number 1016. I love to get dressed up for a nice night out with my friends, why not give me a call.

Shannon 1619

On A Call

Shannon (Pin 1619)

My name is Shannon. I am a more mature lady. I have dark brunette hair and big brown eyes. I would love to chat with you today.

Sandra 1086

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Sandra (Pin 1086)

Hi guys my name is Sandra, I’m fun loving and I’m really into music, you can ask me anything, I love all kinds of music.

Kk 6203

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Kk (Pin 6203)

Hi I'm KK. I'm a petite, bubbly, blue eyed blonde. So why don't you give me a call. My number is 6203.

Abby 4230

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Abby (Pin 4230)

I want to be your dream come true, so come on boys, if you want fun, call me.

Debs 7205

On A Call

Debs (Pin 7205)

Hi guys my name is Debbie, I am a mature lady who likes to chat to new people. why don't you give me a call, my agent number is 7205.

Clare 1361

On A Call

Clare (Pin 1361)

Hi my name is Clare, I am in my late 20's. I am 5 FT 7" tall with light blue eyes and long dark hair.

Sadie 1039

On A Call

Sadie (Pin 1039)

Hi my name is Sadie. I am a mature, curvy pale skinned red head with hazel eyes I love to walk and read. Call me.

Jackie 7097

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Jackie (Pin 7097)

Hi. Hello. I’m Jackie. I’ve been looking forward to having a chat with you. I am 5ft 9” in height, I’m a dress size 12, my

Amy 1980

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Amy (Pin 1980)

Hello there, my name is Amy and I'm your sexy kind of Snow White. I've got jet black hair, pale skin and bright red lips. I do lots of yoga to keep in

Allura 7249


Allura (Pin 7249)

Hi my name is Allura. I am 46 years old, 5ft 2 inches tall with raven hair and green eyes, lets chat today.

Amber 7164


Amber (Pin 7164)

Hi my name is Amber. I am in my late 20's, I have caramel complexion, tall and friendly personality, lets have a chat today.

Abbie 1873


Abbie (Pin 1873)

Hi this is Abbie, I am 25 years old, with long dark hair and deep brown eyes. I love to chat and make new friends. Call me.

Alexa 7151


Alexa (Pin 7151)

Hi Alexa here. I’m 5ft10” in heels with golden brown shoulder length hair and dark smouldering eyes. I have full luscious lips and 38DD b

Chrissie 7105


Chrissie (Pin 7105)

Hi my name is Chrissie. I have lovely long dark hair and in my 30's. I have blue eyes and a petite figure.

Venus 7045


Venus (Pin 7045)

Hello guys I'm Venus, I'm a tall, 33 year old lovely blonde lady, who just loves to talk.

Naughty Nikkii 1311


Naughty Nikkii (Pin 1311)

Hi it’s Nikkii from the northwest. I have blond hair and I am in my 20s. I enjoy going out with friends, give me a call.

India 2441


India (Pin 2441)

Hello guys this is India here. I’m 5ft 7” with long dark hair and a size 12.

Frankie 7211


Frankie (Pin 7211)

My name is Frankie, I have chocolate coloured skin with hazel eyes. I am a dancer and like to keep in good shape

Raquel 1574


Raquel (Pin 1574)

Hi I'm Raquel I'm 42 years old I enjoy going to the gym and swimming to keep fit. I am 5ft 4" with short black bobbed hair and brown eyes.

Sonia 3846


Sonia (Pin 3846)

Hello there, my names Sonia. I'm 29 years old. I've got long red hair and dark green eyes. I'm very playful and young at heart. Call me now on 3846.