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Maggie 3033

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Maggie (Pin 3033)

Hi guys this is Maggie. A lovely tall, slim brunette. Why don't you come and join me for a chat. My agent number is 3033.

Amber 7165

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Amber (Pin 7165)

Hi, I’m Amber I’m 5ft 9" tall, dancer, Indian. Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Lorri 7204

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Lorri (Pin 7204)

Hello guys, Lorri here. I’m one of life’s pleasure seekers so always looking for people to share this with. I’m a very petite lad

Jan 1512

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Jan (Pin 1512)

Hi gents my names Jan, I am a mature lady who loves to chat to new people. my agent number is 1512 so why don't you give me a call.

Saskia 7047

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Saskia (Pin 7047)

Hi, I'm Saskia. I'm a 5ft 6" curvy girl with long brown hair. The face of an angel but the mind of a devil.

Samantha 1463

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Samantha (Pin 1463)

Hi, my names Samantha and I'm from London. I have long dark wavy hair and big brown eyes. I would love to talk to you. My agent number is 1463 so why

Jules 7143

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Jules (Pin 7143)

Hello gents and ladies, my name is Jules, I am a 37 year old brunette. I love the outdoor life, hiking and adventures. I enjoy meeting new people a

Marina 7068

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Marina (Pin 7068)

Hi guys. I’m Marina, a 23 year old from London. I am a petite build with long brown hair. I'm a waitress and enjoy meeting new people. make sur

Cathy 7243

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Cathy (Pin 7243)

Hi There guys, my name is Cathy. I am a fun loving girl who just loves to get talking to anyone. Give me a call on my pin 7243.

Scarlett 1937

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Scarlett (Pin 1937)

Hi there my name is Scarlett. I currently work in a bar, I love socialising and going to the gym in my spare time. give me a call.

Megan 7229

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Megan (Pin 7229)

Hi I’m Megan; I’m a bubbly American living in the UK.

Abby 4230

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Abby (Pin 4230)

I want to be your dream come true, so come on boys, if you want fun, call me.

Virginia 1023

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Virginia (Pin 1023)

Hi guys Virginia here I’m a mature, attractive brunette who is 40+.

Jenny 1494

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Jenny (Pin 1494)

Hi guys I'm Jenny, I'm a 25 year old red head with green eyes. I have a petite size 12 figure. I love doing yoga to keep fit.

Sugar Maria 7084

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Sugar Maria (Pin 7084)

Hi my name is Maria and I am 46 years old. I am a brunette with brown eyes and curvy. I love to socialise with friends and love to chat.

Carmen 1087

On A Call

Carmen (Pin 1087)

Hi, I'm Carmen, with long brunette hair and hazel eyes. I'm looking for some fun chat with you so call me on 1087.

Charlotte 1830

On A Call

Charlotte (Pin 1830)

Hi there, My name is Charlotte, my friends call me Charlie. I am in my 30's, brown hair and green eyes.

Francesca 1272

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Francesca (Pin 1272)

Hi, this is Francesca. I'm 5ft 3" tall. I have brown hair and green eyes. My favourite thing to do is to go on lovely holidays. Call me on 1272.

Gabby 1721


Gabby (Pin 1721)

Hello guys you’ve got Gabby online, a natural redhead, you know what they say about us redheads, oh yeah were more fun. I’ll give you a

Jodie 1901


Jodie (Pin 1901)

Hi guys, my name is Jodie. I am 54 years old. I am 5 Ft 6" tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. I like to keep fit, exercise and keeping in shape.

Coco La Ma 7239


Coco La Ma (Pin 7239)

My name is Coco la-ma, I am 28 years old black beautiful lady and love to chat

Marrissa 1014


Marrissa (Pin 1014)

Hello gents, I'm Marissa my agent number is 1014. I am 30 years old, long black hair green eyes and 5 FT 7" tall.

India 2441


India (Pin 2441)

Hello guys this is India here. I’m 5ft 7” with long dark hair and a size 12.

Demi Leigh 7181


Demi Leigh (Pin 7181)

Hi my names Demi Leigh, I am a fun friendly woman who loves to chat to new people. Give me a call.

Jeanette 1180


Jeanette (Pin 1180)

HI I’m Jeanette and I’m a 32 year old part time nurse from London. I enjoy talking to new people so why not give me a call.

Kandy 1603


Kandy (Pin 1603)

Hi I'm Kandy. I'm 5ft 8" with long blonde hair and big brown eyes. Why don't you call me for a chat. My number is 1603.

Kara 1974


Kara (Pin 1974)

Hi guy's and girls my name is Kara. I've got very long black hair and brown eyes. I'm a mixed race girl with light olive skin. My pin number is 1974,

Kk 6203


Kk (Pin 6203)

Hi I'm KK. I'm a petite, bubbly, blue eyed blonde. So why don't you give me a call. My number is 6203.

Britney 7279


Britney (Pin 7279)

Hi guys, my name is Britney, I am 22 years old with red/ginger long hair. I am a chatty girl and would love to chat to you.

Carmel 7058


Carmel (Pin 7058)

Hi I’m Carmel. I’m 33 and I’m from the north east. I’ve got long dark hair and I am 5 ft. 3.